Visita SERCOP Agosto 2017

aSercop promotes Ecuadorian metal-mechanic products through electronic catalogs

This Wednesday, September 16, the General Director of the National Service of Public Contracting -Sercop-, Santiago Vásquez and the Zonal Coordinator 5 of the Sercop, Cristina Ullauri, visited the metalworking factory Delta – Delfini & amp; Inc. S.A, in the city of Guayaquil, where they learned about the design and manufacturing processes of turbomachinery, industrial refrigeration equipment and thermal exchange, water pumps and turbines for hydroelectric generation. Riccardo Delfini, President of Delta – Delfini & amp; Inc. S.A, said that the Ecuadorian metal-mechanic sector has been strengthened to meet domestic demand and export its products. This Guayaquil company has provided its products to the Electric Company of Quito, the Electro Generadora Company of the Austro and the Prefecture of Carchi and exported to 23 countries to date, such as, for example, to Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Turkey, and the Middle East. Delta – Delfini & amp; Inc. S.A has more than forty years of experience, an industrial plant of 6,800 m2, computerized plasma and oxygen cutting equipment, numerical control machining equipment and automatic welding equipment.