Hydraulic Turbines

DELTA manufactures a complete line of hydraulic turbines for power generation with outputs ranging from 5 kW to 10 MW, applicable to falls from 2 to 500 meters.

DELTA turbines collect our long experience in design and construction of turbo machinery of the highest efficiency, quality and reliability.

The turbine design is optimized with computerized tool flow simulation (CFD) and manufacturing is made with CNC technology.


Pelton: cabezal de hasta 500 m, capacidad de hasta 5 MW
Francis: Cabeza de 20 a 200 m, capacidad de hasta 5 MW
Axial and Mixed Flow: 2 a 30 en la cabeza, capacidad de hasta 3 MW

Optimized design for each project

The turbines performance are verified in our model testing laboratories following the requirements of the IEC 60193 standard (International Electrotechnical Commission)

State of the art manufacturing facilit

The manufacturing plant of DELTA is managed under ISO 9001: 2008 standards and includes cutting of CNC plates, CNC machining, fully automated welding processes. and world class workforce. DELTA products combine decades of design and manufacturing experience with the latest CAD / CAM systems.

Electromechanical supply of small hydro complete

DELTA can design and supply the complete control system for your small hydro project, our scope of supply includes:

  • Turbine
  • Turbine main valve
  • Turning speed
  • Switching and control system
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Aerial crane
  • Installation and commissioning