Refrigeration Compressors

Refrigeration Compressors

Since 2001, DELTA DELFINI has been packaging screw compressors for industrial refrigeration. The technology we have obtained is applicable to the compression of natural gas.

At present we offer a wide line of screw compressors (units packaged with Howden compressors), with horizontal to vertical oil separators, according to the needs of each client.

Thermal Exchange

We offer a variety of heat exchange equipment and seawater and brine cooling systems for fishing vessels, including:

  • Coolant condensers made with titanium tubes for marine use.
  • Evaporators, seawater coolers and brine, of the hull type and tubes, manufactured with Titanium tubes.
  • Heat exchangers of the helmet type and tubes
  • Open type heat exchangers for liquid cooling, energy storage and ice condensation

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Pressure vessels

DELTA DELFINIproduces a complete line of pressure vessels manufactured according to the ASME code. These products include:

  • Liquid Recirculators Horizontal or Vertical
  • Receivers of High and Low Pressure
  • Inter-coolers with a without serpentine
  • Economizadores para Compresores de Tornillo, del tipo casco y serpentin y del tipo casco y tubes.
  • Suction Traps with Transfer Containers or Boiler Coil
  • Horizontal to Vertical Thermosiphon Receivers
  • Acumuladores de suction para evaporadores inundados.
  • Liquid elevators
  • Oil separators
  • Ammonia Regenerators
  • According to special requirements