Pumping Station Design

Our technical staff provides consulting services to allow you to build an efficient pumping station.  Our services include:

  • The selection of optimum size and number of pumps for the application to minimize operating cost while keeping the initial cost as low as possible.
  • Pumping station type selection.
  • Piling design, steel structure design, and concrete structure design as required.
  • Start-up and commissioning of all the equipment supplied by us.
  • In site measure of pump performance:  flow, head, power consumption, and efficiency.

The standard dimensions for pumping stations with DELTA pumps driven by right angle gear drives are detailed in the following graph:  ( See examples of DELTA’s stations at worldwide pumping stations )

Industrial Refrigeration Plant Design

With over 38 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration field, DELTA will assist you in the design of your industrial refrigeration plant.  Our services include:

  • Plant layout
  • Refrigeration load calculations
  • Equipment selection and supply (compressors, condensers, evaporators, etc.)
  • Piping design
  • Special heat transfer equipment design and manufacturing
  • Pressure vessel selection and manufacturing
  • Industrial control design
  • Thermal insulation design
  • Storage room design